Thursday, July 29, 2010

*Save the Date ~ September 10th 2010

Adult Activtiy – BBQ and Service Exchange
A chance to get out and have some fun for everyone!
Childcare will be provided
~More information to come~

August Dates to Remember

August 3rd ~ Self Reliance 101: Home Production and Storage - Dehydrating or Drying 7 pm at the church in the kitchen

August 5th ~ Scout Roundtable 7pm

August 6th ~ 10am-12pm Children's Outdoor Playgroup – Hideout Mountain Park in Florence

August 7th ~ Youth Temple Trip

August 8th ~ Stake Single Adult Fireside 7pm

August 12th ~ Stevi 1st Ward Garden Party

August 13th ~ 10am-12pm Children's Outdoor Playgroup – Stevensville Lewis and Clark Park

August 14th ~ Primary Activity

August 19th ~ Scout District Meeting 7pm

August 20th ~ 10am-12pm Children's Outdoor Playgroup - Bitteroot River "Beach" at Florence Bridge

August 21st ~ Stake Single Adult Temple Trip

August 25th ~ Activity Days

August 27th ~ 10am-12pm Children's Outdoor Playgroup – Bonner Park “spray ground” in Missoula, corner of Ronald and Evans

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July Dates to Remember

July 13-16: Stake Girls Camp

July 16: 10am-12pm Children's Outdoor Playgroup - Bitteroot River "Beach" at Florence Bridge

July 17: Ward Temple Trip

July 18: Linger Longer - Hot dogs - Everyone with last names A-M bring hot dog friendly side dish or salad. Everyone with last names N-Z bring dessert.

July 22-24: Stake YM Helaman's Camp

July 23: 10am-12pm Children's Outdoor Playgroup - Stevi Elementary Playground

July 24: 6:30pm Ward Pioneer Celebration at Hideout Mountain (Florence Park)

July 28: 4:30 Activity Day for girls

July 30: 11am Children's Outdoor Playgroup - Splash Montana

Self Reliance 101 ~ July 20th 2010

Self Reliance class will resume on Tuesday July 20th 7:00pm at the home of Dave & Sharon McLean 5522 Mountain View in Florence. The topic is Canning, Methods of Preserving Food Well.