Thursday, December 8, 2011

Spaghetti Fundraiser Dinner

Date: Saturday December 10th

Time: Begins at 5:00pm,

 Auction by the Mayor begins at 6:00pm

Where: Florence-Carlton Community Church
20075 Old Hwy 93 South
Florence, MT 59833

Cost: $7.00 per person,
 $3.00 children 8 and under,
 $25.00 for a family of 6

Shelby Jennings is 11 years old and suffers from mental disabilities. Shelby had the intelligence of a 8 to 10 year old, but the emotional maturity of a 4 to 5 year with their impulsive and curious tendencies. Every day is filled with pain and confusion. Please help us get a therapy dog for Shelby. A Therapy dog will be able to help Shelby in many ways. The dog will be trained to nudge or distract Shelby away from negative activates such as hording food out of the fridge or cupboards, playing with knife’s or scissors. If unable to nudge or distract her, the dog can warn the adult in the home, school, etc. of the danger. The dog will also be able to sense when Shelby is mentally or emotionally overwhelmed or losing control and again distract her and comfort her and warn those around her. Also the dog will be trained to track and locate Shelby if she wanders off or sneaks away form those watching her. Shelby has been suffering from these disabilities for over seven year. They control and affect her every hour of every day. A therapy dog will enable Shelby to be a kid again to gain independence and focus, and to ease her fears from her emotional and mental disorders. Please help us take the Dis- out of Disability with an Ability dog for Shelby.

Call 801-205-2226 Evelyn or
406-546-7687 Michele with questions.


Help raise money for a therapy dog and enter to win a
2000 VW Beetle.

Tickets are 25.00 dollars a piece
drawing will be on the 23rd of December.

Enter as many times as you wish, however it’s first come first serve as there are a limited amount of entries available.

Enter in person at Sterling Savings Bank.


By mail: Send check or money order and 3X5 index card with you name, address, and phone.

Mail to:

Sterling Savings Bank
1510 South Reserve
Missoula, MT 59801.

Acct Name: Shelby’s Ability Dog.

(There must be a minimum of 4,000 entries or drawing will not take place and all money will be returned.)

***A BIG thank you to Helen Schweitzer and Jeanette Simmons for being such great teachers! Thank you to Carla Bielby for her work as our Compassionate Service Leader as well.

***We want to welcome our new teachers, Lisa Robertson and Eve Wight.  And we are excited to have Jeanette Simmons as our new Compassionate Service Leader.

Dates to remember for December 2011:

11th:  Stake Single Adult Fireside, 7 pm
14th:  Ward Turkey drive.  Donate a turkey or canned/ boxed goods for turkey dinner as well.  Going to Pantry Partners in Stevi. 
17th:  Ward Christmas Party, 6pm
25th: Christmas!  Sacrament meeting only.
* No Ward Cannery date in December.  Call Sis. Longhurst if you'd like to can certain items for gifts.
* No Book Club this month.

The Sister Spotlight December 2011

Born in Shelby, North Carolina, this lady has four sisters and one brother.  Her father was in the military, so the family moved frequently.  They lived in South Carolina for a time, California, Nevada, Murray, Utah and then graduating high school in St. George, Utah.  She is a talented cook and has worked managing several fast food restaurants.  She is especially good at baking and her pies are wonderful.  She loves children and does a great job serving as our CTR 4 primary teacher currently.  She has a twelve year old daughter.  She is also a very good care giver for her grandfather who lives with her.  A talent that she has developed more recently is singing..  She has a beautiful voice.  She enjoys writing and completed at least one book and is currently working on a series for teenagers.  She is known for being a hard working, very compassionate, smart woman.  Being outgoing and friendly, she is always fun to talk to.  We are so lucky to have her in our ward!  Who is she?  Click on the comments below to find out.

Message from the R.S. Presidency December 2011

   We know what the Christmas season ought to be--we know it should be a time of reflection on the birth of the Savior, a time of celebration and generosity.  But, surrounded with the commercialization and even greed of the season, we can find ourselves much like the memorable Dr. Seuss character, Grinch, as he stated, "For fifty-three years I've put up with it!  Now... I MUST stop this Christmas from coming...but how?"  Only when the Grinch sees Christmas through new eyes, does he understand the true meaning of the season.
   If we look fro what is wrong with the Christmas season, we can surely find it.  But if we look for the good, we can see this time of year with new eyes--perhaps even with the eyes of a child.  Then our eyes will be open to the miracles all around us--at Christmas time and throughout the year.
   Sisters, let us enjoy the peace and joy of the season!  Let us feel gratitude for the Savior's life, teachings, and sacrifice for us.  Let this gratitude draw us closer to our family and fellowmen.  Let it renew our determination to follow the Savior's teachings.  My sincerest wishes to you for a wonderful and merry Christmas season!  (Taken from Pres. Uchtdorf's comments, 2010 First Presidency Christmas Devotional).

                                                                           -Sis. Diana Hirschi