Monday, April 23, 2012

The Great Garden Guidance


All 1st & 2nd Ward Adults are invited to attend a wonderful evening of education in all aspects of gardening knowledge

Presented By: Molly Hackett

(Co-Columnist of “Dirty Fingernails”, Ravalli Republic)

Get the answers you need for a better garden this year!
Learn Soil Enrichment pointers
Learn Seed Selection, Seed Collection
Learn what mulches work best


Tuesday April 24, 2012

6:30 p.m. in the YW Room

Stevensville Stake Center

*Salad Bar Dinner Provided

Monday, April 16, 2012

Relief Society Activity, April 17th 7 pm.
Fireside by Sister Kim Gibbs,
 “A Mighty Change of Heart”.
Sister Gibbs will focus on 4 things we
can do to experience it for ourselves.
Held in the room off of the kitchen in the Stake Center.
Casual dress and refreshments.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Relief Society Presidency Message ~ April 2012

The literal meaning of the word sacrifice is “to make sacred.” However, over time the meaning of the word has changed. Today the word sacrifice means to give something up. Often in the church we talk about giving up our time and money for the building of the kingdom. If we went back to the original meaning of the word, we’d realize that every minute and every penny we donate to the church helps to sanctify us. We’re not really giving up anything at all, but instead, becoming more like our Savior. What a great way to look at the sacrifice of Christ during this Easter time!

With much love,

Kim Gibbs

Dates to remember for April, 2012

13th – Ward Cannery date, 10 am, white beans, carrots, onions, sugar, regular oats. (see sign-up sheet or call Sis. Longhurst at 522-2338.

17th – Relief Society Activity, 7 pm. Fireside by Kim Gibbs, “A Mighty Change of Heart”. Held in the room off of the kitchen in the Stake Center.

20th-22nd – Young Single Adult Conference.
*A big THANK YOU to Sis. Dena Griffin who was recently released as our first counselor in the Relief Society Presidency. And we want to welcome Sis. Heidi Mitchell as our new first counselor.

The Sister Spotlight ~ April, 2012

This sister grew up the 4th of 5 children in Richland, Washington. She lived there all of her growing up years, and then studied history at BYU-Idaho. She enjoyed playing her violin in the orchestra there. She was able to further her education in Oxford-Brooks, England where she earned her Master’s degree in Children’s Literature. She soon met her husband, who at the time was a friend of her sister’s. They had a long distance relationship before being married. They have now been married almost four years and have a cute little boy named Isaac. He is almost two. They lived in Provo, Utah after their marriage, then moved to Missoula, Montana and now Stevensville. She is an avid reader with Jane Austin being one of her favorite authors. Her hobbies also include baking, cooking and crafts. Her husband says she is great at anything “homemade”. She even makes yogurt and soap. She also is starting a garden. As a life long member of the church she has been a teacher in Gospel Doctrine, Relief Society and currently primary. She is also our new music chairwoman. She has a wonderful singing voice and enjoys participating in ward choirs. Her husband says a few of her good qualities are being friendly, very kind and patient with others, and practical. (Click on the comments below to find out who she is.)