Thursday, January 7, 2010

Self Reliance Group

Our (Relief Society) Self Reliance Group meets every first and third Tuesday of every month (forever!) in the Primary Room at the Stake Center at 7 pm. The invitation is NOT just for Relief Society but for ANYONE interested in preparedness and long-term self-reliance. At least two men are regular attendees, so bring neighbors and friends of any persuasion.
January 5th class was cancelled because of threatening weather (and a broken copy machine) but on the 19th we will be re-scheduling "Illumination: When the Electricity Fails" - - everyone is encouraged to bring a lighting device that doesn't require electric power. The following class will be "First Aid In The Home: Training and Supplies" on the first Tuesday in February. Everyone who comes receives handouts and information, but the best part is the sharing of experience and information on each subject. Come late if you must, add to our Local Resources file, and exchange coupons, Noel 777-2735.

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