Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Message from the Presidency

Three Words that make a marriage -
 or An entire culture succeed:
I love to read!  I found an article by Joni Hilton in a n on-line magazine called Meridian Magazine, with profound thoughts on washing off the mud and moving on in a positive way.
  Written by Joni Hilton---- "Anytime I've found a group of people who are under achieving, shall we say, they're caught up in past grievances, want reparations, want apologies, want to whine, want to hate people who did them wrong.
Look at family feuds that have crippled the progress of those families.  Now zoom in further, and look at individuals who are still consumed with hatred toward an ex-spouse, an ex-bishop, an ex-whatever.  Their spiritual growth stagnates, then shrivels.  They become tight knots of torment, suffering and chafing under selfimposed agony.  They cannot forgive, will not even consider it.  They may claim to believe in Christ's atonement, but they have drawn a circle around their enemies, a circle they are sure cannot be penetrated even by the healing power of Christ himself.
They will not forgive, and neither will they repent.  Not until the other guy says he's sorry first.  They are trapped in a childish mentality built upon revenge and retribution, miles away from the teachings of Christ.  Like warring nations, they build a monument to the other side's sins, and allow that to justify their ongoing offensive strikes.
    ~  "Then you must take three words of advice:
Stop Looking back."  ~
Lot's wife was given the same advice, and it holds true for all of us.  "Dwelling on ancient history traps us in a time warp where we can make no changes.  Only a clear focus on the present and future allows us the freedom to build and progress"
Let our OWN wrongs and the wrongs of others clear out of our minds and hearts and find the good in our world around us.  "Men are that they might have joy!"  No one is going to drag you to it - grab onto joy and live your best life! 
- Dena

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