Friday, October 14, 2011

Message from the R.S. Presidency September 2011

I read Sister Julie Beck's article, "Relief Society History: A Look at the Lord's Vision for His Daughters" in the current September Ensign.  Her own study of our history revealed " impressive record of the Lord's dealings with His daughters and His expectations for them."  In her article, we  gain valuable perspectives from an understanding of our history:
   We see how the Lord has helped sisters of the past and we gain testimony that He will also help us today;
   We gain the perspective we need to keep our focus on the essential things that will bless our lives eternally:
   We understand our inseparable connection to the priesthood.  The Prophet Joseph Smith said, "I will organize the women under the priesthood after the pattern of the priesthood";
   We understand that as we enter Relief Society we become part of a great worldwide sisterhood,  united in discipleship.
Finally, we learn through our history "who we are and our vital role in our Heavenly Father's plan.  We can't delegate our responsibilities to someone else.  Because our Heavenly Father knows us and loves us, He will sustain us as we seek to align our will with His."

                                                       -Sis. Diana Hirschi

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