Monday, August 6, 2012

Relief Society Presidency Message August 2012

Dear Sisters,
    I was profoundly touched by Elder Jeffery R. Holland's article, "Standing Together for the Cause of Christ" in the August Ensign.  He speaks of Christians - ALL Christians - coming together in the cause of Christ.  I leave you with these quotes, encouraging you to read this article in its entirety.  Elder Holland said,"Few things are more needed in this tense and confused world than Christian conviction, Christian compassion, and Christian understanding."  As we find common ground we become common partners in the "hands-on" work of the ministry.  He continued , "We would be eager to join hands with our evangelical friends in a united Christian effort to strengthen families and marriages, to demand more morality in media, to provide humane relief effort in times of natural disasters, to address the ever-present plight of the poor, and to guarantee the freedom of religion that will allow all of us to speak out on matters of Christian conscience."

                        -Sister Diana Hirschi

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