Tuesday, October 16, 2012


McPherson’s Annual Potato Dig Day

Tentatively scheduled


October 20th 10am-finish
Please join us as we harvest our potatoes, you are welcome to keep potatoes for your winter storage, as well as help us bring in a harvest to donate to the Montana Food Banks. Please bring boxes, burlap sacks, paper sacks for you own. (They do not store well in plastic) We will have watermelon bins set up in the field to put potatoes in for the food banks.
Picking advice
Green Potatoes--please do not put any potatoes that have green on them in the bins—they break down first and do not store.
Plan on weather—we will pick regardless of weather conditions. If it turns very very cold before the 20th—the date will change to immediate and I will try to let you know. Most likely this date will stick.
Concession stand--We will be having a concession stand this year with hot chocolate, homemade donuts, potato soup, and rolls for sale—the proceeds will go to next year’s seeds and greenhouse fund. (Free Water)
Directions—Willoughby Lane
About 1-mile up Willoughby—(across from the 4th house on the South side of road) Turn north into an empty field (there will be signs to direct you) follow the road through this, follow signs as they direct you along a freshly planted field, there is parking at the end of this field by some cotton wood trees or you can pull into the potato field as well. Most vehicles do not have problems getting in the field. It is a little bumpy though.
Secure your cell phone—they are hard to locate in a field of dirt

Bring your kids—it is a great time.

Come even if you do not really need or want potatoes—this is fun and an easy way to serve others by donating time harvesting; besides everyone needs a few potatoes for the winter.

Any Questions call Jeanie 360-7713

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