Saturday, September 1, 2012

Packages for our Military and Missionaries

Our Bishopric has asked that the members of the Stevensville 2nd ward prepare care packages for each military service member and missionary from our ward. These boxes will number about 14 and are to be sent in a fairly short amount of time so all assistance is welcome. Watch for more information and collection boxes or contact the Wight family at or 544-9477. Each care package will be personalized as to the needs and positions of each individual. We have men and women, missionaries and members of the military, individuals who are in the states and those who are overseas. Contact a bishopric member to make a cash donation for postage or to purchase needed items. Other donations may include toiletries, small gifts, snacks, etc. Most importantly, please write supportive letters or cards to be included. If you have a missionary or service member from your family, please contact Eve Wight as soon as possible to confirm a mailing address and to make suggestions on customs restrictions and contents for each package.

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