Monday, September 3, 2012

Relief Society Presidency Message September, 2012

Dear Sisters,

In the book, Daughters in My Kingdom, page 165, there is a quote by President Hinckley. He says, “May the Lord bless you, my beloved sisters . . . May you be strengthened for the challenges of the day. May you be endowed with wisdom beyond your own in dealing with the problems you constantly face. May your prayers and your pleadings be answered with blessings upon your heads and upon the heads of your loved ones. We leave with you our love and our blessing, that your lives may be filled with peace and gladness. It can be so.”

May you be encouraged and touched by this quote as I was. May you feel the love of your Heavenly Father for you always and His loving arms opened toward you. May you be encouraged to turn to Him in even the seemingly small problems you face each day by taking the time to pray, search the scriptures, and serve others. You will find peace, direction, wisdom beyond your own, and the gladness you seek. I know this to be true.


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